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Among the wildlfowers, free your spirit and immerse yourself in nature's perfume. The delicate floral notes blend with the earthy, grassy undertones, creating a captivating symphony of scents that resonate with your soul. This ephemeral aroma of wildflowers is a reminder of natural beauty, a gentle nudge to slow down, breathe deeply, and cherish the fleeting moments that nature so generously offers.

NOTES: symphony of delicate wild florals, sun-kissed meadows, sweet nectar and grassy undertones.

The “Apothecary Collection” is an aromatherapy blend of soy, beeswax, essential oils, artisan fragrance and finished with dried flowers and herbs. This glass vessel and cork closure also make great reusable storage containers.

SIZE: 16 oz. | BURN TIME: 120 Hours | WICK: Cotton

5% of our profits go to “Save The Bees”