Antique White, Clamshell Base | Business + Pleasure


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Featuring a custom carbon steel mold, this beauty is galvanized & finished with a heavy powder coating to endure the harshest of elements.

Every detail matters, all the way down to the base.


      • Pre assembled carbon steel base & mounting plate.
      • Upright pole with stainless steel handle and premium badge
      • Pole inserts for thinner umbrella poles
      • Stainless steel levelling feet (for Decks/Patio - hard flat surfaces)
      • Fittings to suit 1" - 1.5" diameter Poles.
      • For use with or without table support.
      • Fits Premium Beach Umbrella, Premium Cabana, Market Umbrella & Patio Umbrella.
      • Compatible with our Wheel Set for Umbrella Bases


    • Pole Diameter 1.5", 1.2" with insert.
    • Weight: 55lbs / 25kgs
    • Base Plate: 23.6” round
    • Pole height: 16"